Rachel Eugster

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"Rachel Eugster's peaches and cream complexion and sweet voice make her a romantic delight."

--News American


"Rachel Eugster . . . is a real find. Her singing voice is splendid, her English accent perfect, her performance just right in tone. "

--Sarah Fenno Lord, The Sun


"Rachel Eugster almost redeems things, with her Fay Wray costume and dynamic singing."

--John Skoda, City Paper


"Rachel Eugster, with a beautiful singing voice, is outstanding."

--The Jeffersonian


"Two sopranos, Rachel Eugster and Marcia Edmundson, negotiated the intricacies of their music with clear, supple tones, and a skill that made the songs sound easy. I mention them together, because their voices are not dissimilar, and this likeness is striking during their rendition of "Pirate Jenny." Their characterizations, however, were appropriately different, although both merit special mention. Ms. Eugster's enigmatic Polly had polish and wit. . . . " --Laura Schlitz, The Gazette


"Rachel Eugster has a beautiful singing voice."

--Alvina Ruprecht, Capital Critics Circle


"I especially liked . . . Rachel Eugster. . . . She has a beautifully melodious voice. . . . [Her] character was funny because she was the victim. She was the one who got smacked all the time. She got kicked and she was tripped and her fingers squashed and she had to drag herself off the stage screaming. . . . [T]he contrast between her and the others made it all grotesque and, in a very interesting way, funny. Eugster reacted like a well-trained British actress. She . . . knew what she was doing, because she knew how to underplay her role. And that was good."

--Alvina Ruprecht, "Ottawa Morning," CBC Radio


"Capulets are carrying away Tybalt’s corpse, singing. Lovely music and harmonizing all night."

--Mike Caesar, fullyfringed.ca


"The show’s real “highlight” was the singing. Rachel Eugster worked with the text to develop a sequence of powerful songs that got across some of what the acting could not. While not perfect, Othello does feature great singing from the cast and a wonderful and mournful end to one of Shakespeare’s best tragedies."

--Mark Dance, fullyfringed.ca