Rachel Eugster

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Rachel Eugster and Kevin Burton

Ottawa Fringe Festival 2012


A celebration of children's books

with Rachna Gilmore and Ben Hodson

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Five Lies, Ra-Ra, Am I Blue, and Einstein's Bicycle

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 Wet Dreamcatcher

Roller Derby Saved My Soul

Momma's Boy

Salamander Shakespeare Co.

Death of Tybalt


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     Ottawa Fringe Festival (2012, 2011, 2010)

     Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (Canada East), 2011

     Democratic Dialogue Via the Arts, 2012


(for Ottawa Tonite)

Rachel Eugster and Kevin Burton


(for Ottawa Tonite)

Maureen Welch and Kevin Burton

SCBWI Canada East 2011

(for Ottawa Tonite)

Rachel Eugster and Kevin Burton

Democratic Dialogue Via the Arts, 2012

Rachel Eugster and Kevin Burton

Interview with conference organizer Joan Harrison.

Website: DemocraticArts.com


EMANATE Productions: Vernus Says SURPRISE

Ken Godmere and Tania Levy



Sasa Theatre: The Open Couple 

Madeleine Boyes-Manseau, Sean Sonier


FireFlood Theatre: Mercutio and Ophelia

  Nicholas Amott


Glassiano Productions: Fallen: The Book of Samael

Martin Glassford and James Graziano


Dead Unicorn Ink: Space Mystery from Outer Space

Sylvie Racoski, Patrice Anne Forbes, and Mike Doiron


411 dramaturgy co.: Hip-Hop Shakespeare Live Music Videos!



Melanie Karin and David Benedict Brown


Backpack Theatre: In Waves

Jonah Allingham


Erudite Theatre: Don't Make Me Zealous 

Dave Rowan and Brennan Richardson


Warrior Food: This is Today

Karina Milech, Alexis Scott, and Nick Fournier


Garkin Productions: Lonely Bear

Ray Besharah


May Can Theatre: Wolves > Boys

Cory Thibert and Tony Adams


Mark MacDonald Presents: 100 First Kisses

Mark MacDonald and Christine Hecker


Go Fly a Kite Productions: Alien Predator--The Musical

Betty-Jane Horton and Bryan Cook



Artbeat Theatre Group: 2020

J.P. Chartier

Bear & Co.: 'Tis Pity She’s a Whore

Eleanor Crowder, Victor Pokinko, Anna Lewis



OYP Theatre School: Glue

Will Somers, Audrey Todd, Petra Hohenstein, and Eric Youssef

(with: Jaidon MacLean, Alexandra Smiley, Anneka Roach)


Abalone: Mabel’s Last Stand

Megan Piercey Monafu, Kathi Langston

Part 1

Part 2


Troupe de la Lune: Ex Cathedra

Marie Robertson


Twisted by Design Theatre: White Noise

Christina Bryson, Margaret Evraire


Fish Schtick Productions: Fringe Night Live

Jamie Champagne, John Champagne, and David Rowan

Ausable Theatre: Breaking Rank!

Howard Petrick

Azana Productions: Aerial Allusions

Azana Watrous Phillips, Jaz Morneau

Katherine Glover: Dead Wrong

Katherine Glover

Scruffy Theatre: Trashman's Dilemma

Andrei Preda, Michael Adam Hogan, Eric Bleyendaal

Ladybusiness/How to Be Cool: I'm Not Crying in the Bathroom: I'm Crying in the Supply Closet

Deborah Ring, Laura Bonang, Alexandra Hurley

OSSD Senior Acting Company: Danti-Dan

James Richardson

Tim Motley: Dirk Darrow NCSSI

Tim Motley

Active Salad Productions: Gametes and Gonads

Jeff Leard

Sister Scene: More Power to Your Knitting Nell

Melanie Gall

Mark Shyzer: Fishbowl

Mark Shyzer

Sandrine Lafond Inc.: Little Lady

Sandrine Lafond

Martin Dockery: Wanderlust

Martin Dockery